Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tim Tebow's "Through my Eyes"

My latest read was Tim Tebow's "Through my Eyes". My first encounter with the Tebow image was when he played for the University of Florida. All I remember is that I got tired of hearing his name over and over! As an avid Alabama fan, I didn't like him. And then, his personal life and his beliefs came out. He was attacked. He stood firm. I was intrigued. Years later, I decide to buy and read his book.

Tebow goes through the integral parts of his childhood, which was stellar. He learned many life lessons, and his parents were always there to support and guide him. His high school years are highlighted by changes and triumphs. Picking a college was not an easy task.

Tebow spends a good bit of time talking about his time at Florida, and then somewhat goes into his beginning NFL years. Football is the main theme of this book, and the secondary theme is his faith. These are to be expected. As a woman who is a football fan, I understood most but not all of the football talk. If you are going to read this book just to have a look at Tebow's faith, you will have to read in between the lines of football, because Tim Tebow doesn't keep them seperate. Though that doesn't make it easy for me to read, I believe that it is a good witness. Tebow shows men, boys, and everyone that God is his #1.

I gave this book 3.5 out of 5 stars. His writing is good but there is room for improvement. His descriptions and references to Bible verses were spot on. But its not my new favorite, and I feel it just could have been a little bit better.

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  1. Hi Hannah, I'm not much of a football fan so I think I may get lost in this book! :) But I do think it's great how Tim can share the gospel to football fans through it.

    Enjoyed your review and look forward to reading more. I'm a new follower of your blog. Found you on goodreads. Feel free to visit mine!