Thursday, July 26, 2012

Amy Clipston's "Roadside Assistance"

I have been a reader of Amy Clipston's for a long time now. Her "Kauffman Amish Bakery" series is one of my all time favorites! When Mrs. Clipston announced she was putting out a young adult book, I wasn't skeptical, but I wasn't excited either. My opinion sure changed after I read Roadside Assistance.

This book tells the story of Emily, a teenage tomboy who only has her dad left after her mom dies of cancer. Falling on hard times, the family of 2 moves in with Emily's aunt. Her cousin, Whitney, is the same age as Emily, and Whitney has a great faith in God while Emily has lost that faith in the wake of her mother's death. Emily's life and faith start to perk up when she meets the next door neighbor, Zander. Emily has worked on automobiles all her life, just as Zander has. They form a friendship that gets stronger over time. Zander and Whitney introduce church back into Emily's life, and she takes baby steps in getting back into the swing of it.

Her faith comes full circle when Emily, at the end of the book, learns to let others in and let the walls around her heart be torn down. Emily's character goes through lots of different situations that anyone can learn from, but especially teenage girls. The other characters in the book are also very relatable.

Roadside Assistance also shows that girls can enjoy something that is not typical for them to enjoy. Emily enjoyed working on automobiles. It gave her life and energy. It shows that when you enjoy something with all your heart, and you work hard at it, you can accomplish your goals.

I really enjoyed this book! Also, I saw where Mrs. Clipston announced via Twitter that she is going to write a sequel to Roadside Assistance, and I am SO VERY EXCITED!!!! I was so hoping that the story would continue! And when it does, I plan on getting it the day it releases!

--I bought this book on my own. This review is my own opinion!-

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  1. I've read great things about Roadside Assistance but I have yet to read it. Thanks for the great review :)