Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Leah's Choice" by Marta Perry

Leah's Choice is the first book I've read that was written by Marta Perry, and I know that I will continue on with this series!

Leah has settled on the fact that she will never marry. She loves teaching the children of Pleasant Valley at the same Amish schoolhouse she attended as a child. Jolted by her fiance Johnny, Leah still lives at home with her parents and younger sister, Anna.

Daniel Glick wants an escape from Lancaster County and the memories that haunt him there. He moves to Paradise Valley with his 3 children.

Leah and Daniel meet as she is the schoolteacher. As time goes on, they begin seeing qualities in each other that they like. Daniel is also there for Leah during the time that she is having problems with her sister, Anna. On the other hand, Johnny shows back up, educated in worldly ways, and convinces Leah to help out with a project at the local medical clinic.

This book was very enjoyable! The author developed the characters nicely, and the setting of Pleasant Valley was a welcome change, as many Amish books are set in Lancaster county.

This book was bought on my own, and this review is all my own.

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