Saturday, July 21, 2012

My first time!

This blogging thing is all new to me, but I feel as I need an outlet, so here goes! I'm Hannah, a happily married 28 year old wife and mom. I LOVE to read, and talk. This seems like it will be a good place for me to "talk" even when no one wants to listen to me.

This past Thursday was a day that was totally unexpected, as I saw the Dr. at 12:30pm and was in surgery for an emergency appendectomy at 3pm.  I'm very glad that its over, but the recovery is no fun. Soreness reigns, and all I can do is pray; through this, I know God is able.

I haven't been the best God girl, but I know I am His, even through moments of uncertainty. Was my surgery routine? Yes. Had the doctor done it before? Sure, and he took out my gallbladder last year. Was I scared! Yep. I was. What I am most thankful for is those that have taken time out of their lives to call, Facebook, text, etc. Good friends are hard to keep nowadays; life's busy-ness gets in the way of quality relationships. I am grateful for those few friends that I have.

My husband has been the man through it all! He cooks, he cleans, he takes care of me and Sam. I'm so glad he's here, even though he sees me in a mess all the time right now.


  1. Hi Hannah, up late catching up on puter and saw your blog listed on goodreads,so hopped over to take a look. will you be reviewing books or just personal stuff? you need to put a thingee on so folks can follow your blog. I have one too, take a look if you would like-
    you sound like a busy woman and will probably be hard for you to rest as you should after surg-hope you feel better soon.
    take care, Paula

    1. Thanks Paula! I'm going to head over and check out your blog! I will be reviewing some books. I'm totally new to all this, so any advice is appreciated. Hannah

  2. Hannah,nice to meet you. I hopped over from Goodreads, and look forward to reading your blog.

  3. Brenda, thanks so much for stopping by and encouraging me!

  4. Hope you're doing better now and I love your guts to open up to write a blog. Like your expression that you can still want to talk even if no one listening. I feel like that most of the time especially now that I am SAHM with 1 yr old and husband who's terrific but tired of listening at his end of work day and just wants to unwind when he gets home. So I started my own blog as well :
    I love reading as well and really enjoyed most authors that you've already reviewed.

    Hope your complete recovery will come soon so you can enjoy life and your active son once again!