Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Widow's Hope by Mary Ellis

Author Mary Ellis is sort of new to me, even though she is not new to the Christian fiction world. I stumbled upon her after looking for books on Overdrive from my local library. The first book I read by her is A Widow's Hope.

Character Hannah Brown and I share much more than just our first names; we also share the need to assert our opinions and do what we feel is right. Hannah Brown lost her husband, and is moving to be with her sister, Julia, who is suffering from arthritis. Julia's husband, headstrong deacon Simon, doesn't care for Hannah and her outspokenness.

Simon's brother, Seth, lost his wife a while back. His daughter, Phoebe, hasn't uttered a word since.

Hannah comes into their lives with a heard of sheep. Yes, sheep! Simon detests these sheep.  But for Hannah, they are all that she has left of her husband.

Without giving away the ending, this book does end in your typical happily ever after sort of way. Its a typical Amish Christian fiction book, but the way Mrs. Ellis writes, it pulls you in. I was able to identify with the characters easily. And with this being a series, this book definitely made me want to continue through.

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